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Revolutionary Experience

The Tanager Media Center redefines your expectations of the TV. Experience all your video, music, photo and streaming media within a gorgeous, rich, interface. Seamless and responsive, and controlled by remote control and tablet.

Powerful. Completely Silent.

The Tanager Media Center brings unheard of performance, with best-in-class 4K playback, including 300+ Mbps 2160p60 h.265. This is driven by a full desktop PC with the latest Intel and AMD hardware. Absolute performance - while absolutely silent.

A Piece of Art

Tanager is wrapped in beautiful, hand-made wood panels mounted to a custom 18-gauge steel chassis. Choose from domestic species like walnut or ash, or customize with premium species like teak, sycamore or wenge.

Media Playback

  • Music - MP3, M4A, FLAC, etc
  • Video - Perfect HD and 4K file playback
  • CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Disk, and UHD Disk
  • USB key, External Hard Drive, Camera, phone


  • Support for IFTTT
  • Open API support
  • Support for Control4 (coming 2018)
  • Dedicated API and web UI for remote monitoring and maintenance

A nod to the past

Combining a stunning pin array cooling system, warm wood grain, and the use of premium materials, Tanager raises the bar for the home theater and for computers. Precisely engineered copper and aluminum cooling systems, beautiful hand-crafted wood grains, and solid copper feet are some of the details that make the Tanager Media Center stand above the rest. The Tanager Media Center is a nod to the era of handmade turntables, amps and speakers, built to last a lifetime.

All your Media

  • Powered by a full windows 10 PC, Tanager supports every type of audio, from MP3 to FLAC to WMV, and video from SD to HD to next-generation UHD. Supports all streaming audio and video services, including TIDAL. A slot-loading player supports CD, DVD, DVD-Audio, and Blu-Ray. UHD disk playback coming in 2018.

Absolutely Silent

  • With a custom cooling system of copper plates, 8mm heat pipes, and large passive convection coolers, the Tanager Media Center is entirely silent with no need for a fan. The blu-ray player is physically decoupled for best-in-class noise reduction during disc loading.

    Automation and Integration

  • A separate microcontroller handles control and integration. A dedicated 10/100 port is available for out-of-band maintenance and control via open API and Web UI. Support for for media control and playback via Control4. (In Development - Coming 2018)


  • All popular formats supported including perfect 24.976Hz 1080p, 3D HD. UHD playback exceeding 300Mbps 2160p60 HEVC with HDR.
  • Bitstreaming DTS-MA and Dolby Atmos support
  • Best-in-class 4K hardware upscaling


  • All audio formats, including lossless FLAC and WAV up to 384 KHz / 32bit
  • Audio output over HDMI, SP/DIF or optional bit-perfect USB transport
  • Music features include gapless playback, crossfading, ReplayGain and fully searchable library.

Completely Passive, done right.

  • Supports up to 4.2GHz quad-core with the Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K. Push the boundaries with completely passive overclocking. 

Coming 2018

Available online and through select dealers. From $6,500. Contact
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